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What is sponsoring?


Sponsoring consists of an individual or organization (scout troop, business, family, classroom, small group, or other) pledging to sponsor the costs of a Sanctuary animal for either an established period of time (i.e. 6 months or 1 year) or until the animal leaves the rescue. 

Those who sponsor would pay for either FULL coverage (vet bills, food, groomers, or other necessary costs as agreed on) or PARTIAL coverage (toys, food, treats, collars, clothes, a bed, generally whatever you want to provide for the pup). 

Sponsors are regularly provided updates regarding their sponsee, are able to organize regular* outings with the animal until adoption, and your purchases are tax deductible. Sponsoring is a huge blessing that relieves some of the financial strain put on our rescue by long term or unadoptable animals. Please contact us to learn more or register to sponsor.



Nellee is a 4 year old Shepherd that could also use a SPONSOR. She's playful, outgoing, and in need of an active family to help her shed those few extra pounds. Nellee would love to know she has admirers so please contact us to SPONSOR her. 

Nellee's sponsor would pledge to pay for any vet visits, groomer's bills (did you see all that fluff), food, and other living expenses for a certain period of time. Sponsors get regular updates on their animals plus our sincere appreciation.



Zeb is our sweet senior citizen. He is a super cuddly couch potato that would love nothing more than to hang out with his people. Zeb gets along with other dogs but really wouldn’t enjoy a young, playful one since he prefers the sedentary life. 

Zeb's sponsor(s) would pledge to pay for any vet visits, food, medications, or other living expenses either for an agreed upon period of time or for the duration of Zeb's time in our rescue. Sponsors would receive regular updates on Zeb plus his love and appreciation.

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