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Do you own any animals currently or in the past? Give name, age, and breed.:
Have all your animals (past and present) been up to date on all vaccinations and given monthly Heartworm prevention?:
Are your animals spayed/neutered? If not, explain.:
Are your pets indoor or outdoor? If outdoor, do they have dog house or adequate shelter?:
Have any of your animals shown aggression towards people or other animals?:
Who is your current vet? List name, number, and location.:
Do you have fenced yard/pen/invisible fence?:
What is height, size, and type of fencing? Is it completely fenced?:
Do you own a pool? If so, do you have steps or ladder for easy exit?:
Do you live near main highway or busy road with high traffic?:
Do you live in neighborhood or on land? If land – how many acres?:
Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter OR given away? If so, explain.:
If adopting a cat, have you ever had any of your cats declawed?:
What are the ages of the children living in the home?:
Are you aware that animals are unpredictable around children?:
Do you understand that it is your responsibility to make sure children do not abuse or provoke this animal?:
How many hours will your pet be left alone during the day and/or night?:
Will you crate this animal? If so, how long?:
Do you bring your animal indoors during extreme heat and or cold?:
Have you or anyone in your family ever been arrested/fined or subject in an investigation involving animal cruelty?:
Are you aware that the average costs a year for owning a dog or cat could be up to $1000? Are you prepared for this kind of financial responsibility for owning an animal?:
Would you take this animal with you if you had to move?:
Do you take your dog or plan on taking this dog on daily walks?:
Do you or anyone in your family have allergies to pets?:
If so, have you owned a pet in the past without it becoming a problem?:
Housing  Own house
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I understand all questions and all my answers are true and accurate. I am aware that ANY false information will be immediate denial of adoption.

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